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What is 802.11AX? And Why Do You Need it?

As organisations outfit new buildings or upgrade existing business Wi-Fi deployments, Aruba’s 802.11ax access points provide the performance and future proofing needed to deliver enhanced service for years to come.

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KEY WI-FI 6 USE CASES For Mobile Users, IoT, and Latency-Sensitive Apps

As we enter into a new wireless era where any “thing” can connect, Wi-Fi 6 becomes a critical foundation for digital transformation and handling this density of devices.


Discover how transformative enterprise leaders are delivering amazing experiences with amazing simplicity.

Aruba 510 Series Campus Access Points

Discover how Aruba’s high performance 802.11ax Enterprise Access Points for Campus deployments can boost your network performance.

802.11AX White Paper

Get this in-depth guide to the newest Wi-Fi standard and find out how your business can benefit from the improved speed and resiliance.

Wi-Fi 6 Reference Guide

This handy visual reference makes it easy to see the benefits of mesh WiFi and how you can get suburb network performance in crowded areas.

Aruba Access Points

500 Series

Serve multiple clients and traffic types in dense environments, and boosts overall network performance by up to 400%.

510 Series

Designed to deliver high performance connectivity for mobile and IoT devices in any environment.

530 Series

Capabilities that include AI-powered RF optimization, always-on connectivity and WPA3 certified security.

550 Series

Serve multiple clients and traffic types with dual radio (8x8 + 4x4 MIMO), boosting overall network performance by up to 4X


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