Affordable, simple and secure


Reliable connectivity means you can get down to business

This future-proof network solution offers rich management features, great scalability, and security. From IoT devices (IP phones, surveillance cameras, printers, door locks) to PoE and wireless access points, gaming consoles, and more, you can connect and manage different devices on the network without impacting performance.

  • The always-on network that’s ready to go, right out of the box.
  • Scalable support of emerging apps and devices.
  • Built-in security, at no extra cost.
  • Intuitive dashboard simplifies operations and gives visibility into network performance.

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Advanced switching that means business

Affordable and easy-to-deploy, the Aruba Instant On switches are designed with small businesses in mind. With a range of different models, these advanced, smart-managed and unmanaged, fixed-configuration Gigabit switches enable consistent connectivity, enhancing the performance of today’s bandwidth-heavy applications.

Key features to help unlock your business potential

Security Guard

Built-in security features protect your network from external threats by blocking malware attacks and keeping unauthorized users off the network. Network traffic can be filtered and access restricted with MAC Authentication and Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Staying connected? You can count on it

Experience reliability over long distances by leveraging fiber connectivity with SFP/SFP+ ports, and the choice of Class 4 PoE (PoE+) and non-PoE models, ensuring high performance while eliminating bottlenecks.

Manage your network from here, there, and everywhere

Deploy and manage your network on the go from the mobile app or cloud-based web portal at no extra cost. Aruba Instant On switches can also be managed using the local Web UI while unmanaged switches require no configuration or management.

High performance that flexes its flexible options

Ensuring high performance and eliminating traffic bottlenecks across the network, Aruba Instant On switches are ready to deploy from 5-ports to 48-ports, with models that support 1 and 10 Gigabit uplinks and Class 4 and Class 6 PoE.
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