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Drive Your Business

The Aruba CX Switching Portfolio changes everything for IT. It can help teams meet ever-evolving demands. It can help save their invaluable time. It can give them the freedom and power to move your network forward. How? Come. Take a look under our hood with this infographic. We’ll show you how we get the job done.

First-Aid for Networks

Be honest: Is IT spending too much time identifying and diagnosing network issues? Is most of your configuration still done manually? Despite everything, are you still seeing significant downtime? Your network might need a medic. With this infographic, we’ll help you identify the most common traits of overtaxed systems—and what you can do to make it healthier and faster, stat.

IoT is Here

IoT (Internet of Things) is still dismissed as a buzzword, a passing trend. But let us assure you: It’s here to stay. And its presence is only going to become more prevalent. How will you respond to the system of systems? Are your switches ready to meet the demands of next-gen devices, traffic, and data? This infographic will show you how to take the right measures to meet your challenges head-on, IoT be damned.

The (Un)official Operator’s Guide to Next-Gen Networks

The term “next-gen network” is thrown around a lot. But what does it actually mean? Broadly speaking, it’s a network that can embrace IoT, cloud, and Edge technologies. It’s ready for the now, but it lays a groundwork for the future. In this guide, we show you exactly what goes into transforming your network and how the right switches can seriously elevate the operator experience.

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